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Structure of CB UNIIRT
CB UNIIRT Council Staff
Applicant's rights and obligations. Requirements of Certification Body concerning Applicants.
Confidential information.
Obligations of the Administrative Body
Cost (quotation) of works
Consideration of complaints and appeals
For Applicant's opinions of CB work
Distribution of CB personnel responsibilities
CB UNIIRT Council  

Certification of Production

Sphere of activities
Branch of accreditation (main directions)
Order of certification carrying out


Scheme 1. Certification of single products
  Scheme 2. Certification of consignment (batch of products)
  Scheme 3. Certification of serial production, without factory inspection
  Scheme 4. Certification of serial production, with factory inspection
  Scheme 5. Certification of serial production, with Quality Management System evaluation 
  Scheme 6. Certification of serial production, with the factory's Quality Management System certification 
  Repeated certification of production
 Documents to be provided to the Applicant to start the certification process
  Application Form, general for all types of equipment (accomodation with NKRZ - National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine)
  Application Form (accomodation with SBU - Security Service of Ukraine)
  Commission Form from the Manufacturer or its dealer
  Form of guarantee service letter
 Documents to be provided by Applicant for Scheme 3  
  Information for Applicant
License conditions
Order of works carrying out and payments for making copies of the Certificates of Conformity
Order of obtaining the ready Certificates of Conformity and copies of the Certificates of Conformity

Quality Management System (QMS) Certification

Branch of Accreditation
Order of QMS certification carrying out
Order of repeated QMS certification carrying out
Suspending and cancellation of certification
Modification, spreading the sphere of certification
Documents to be provided to an Applicant before the certification process started


Application Form for QMS certification
License conditions
Cost (quotation) of works
 List of the certified providers

Assistance in customs legalization

 Form of Application for determining the products belonging to the list of regulated / unregulated goods
 Decree №446 "About approval of the Order of  customs legalization of goods ..."
 Order of CB works towards legalization of decision by Form №1 of Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers Decree №446 "About approval of the Order of  customs legalization of goods .."

UNIIRT Radio and TV Test Centre

 Branch of accreditation
 Application Forms for certification of radio electronic facilities and radiating devices:  


radio communication telephones of GSM cellular communication system (GSM and UMTS, with radio access equipment)
  radio communication telephones of CDMA2000 cellular communication system  (CDMA2000 1x, 1x-EVDO, with radio access equipment)
  base stations of GSM cellular communication system (UMTS)
  base stations of CDMA2000 cellular communication system (CDMA2000 1x, 1x-EVDO )
  radio access equipment (WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth)
  Other equipment

Certificates of Accreditation, Diplomas

Certificate of Accreditation (CB QMS) 
Certificate of Accreditation (CB production)
Certificate of UNIIRT Radio and TV Test Centre Accreditation
Certificate of Appointment - CB UNIIRT(Production)

Certificate of Appointment - CB UNIIRT (QMS)

Certificate of Authority - CB UNIIRT
List of documents, on the basis of which CB UNIIRT and UNIIRT Radio and TV Test Centre are working