was founded by the Decree of the Ministry of Telecommunications of Ukraine of June 23, 1993 № 87 and belongs to the Administration of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine management domain

Given the state importance of scientific researches SE UNIIRT fulfils the functions of System Institute on the issues radio technologies in the specified directions of activities:

  • further development of the theory and practice for all-purpose radio systems in all ranges of the radio spectrum, as well as systems of broadcasting and television, all types of mobile radio communication systems, satellite and space communication systems; scientific solution to the problems for the development of advanced radio technologies and audiovisual and multimedia systems, including solving economic problems;
  • drafting Ukraine's position on WRCs (World Radiocommunication Conferences), RRC (Regional Radiocommunication Conferences), participation in the work of leading international and European organizations: ITU, ETSI, CEPT, ERO, EUTELSAT, ISO, IEC, CIE in accordance with the powers delegated by the Administration of Communications and Radio Frequencies of Ukraine;
  • the development of scientifically grounded methods for radio frequency spectrum efficiency increasing and ensuring electromagnetic compatibility;
  • normative, informational and metrological providing radio, broadcasting and television systems;
  • certification of products and quality management systems;
  • assessment of conformity with Technical Regulations;
  • development in accordance with the legislation of technical regulations, normatives, standards, methods for calculations of radio electronic means electromagnetic compatibility, other normative documents;
  • creation of scientific and technical products.
According to the results of the state certification of scientific institutions by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated June 17, 2020 №817, the State Enterprise "UNIIRT" belongs to the II classification group. The certificate series ДА  № 00240 dated June 17, 2020, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, is valid until June 17, 2023.
For significant scientific achievements in the field of the latest radio technologies implementation and for high scientific rating achieved, the State Enterprise "UNIIRT", by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №1107 dated September 4, 2020, was included in the State Register of Scientific Institutions, which are provided with state support.
The appriopriate Certificate series ДР № 02842 dated September 04, 2020, was issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and valid until June 17, 2023.

Currently, the scientific potential of the Institute consists of 51 researchers, including: 2 D.Sc., 14 Ph.D., 3 Associate Members.
From the date of its foundation, the scientists of the Institute have performed over 378 research and 100 development works. The results of R&D have been used in the field of communication. Among these works it is worth noting a series of important system-related contributions for the communication industry. So, at one time, the scientists of the SE UNIIRT participated in the preparation of proposals for drafting 4 laws and proposals for changes in the 5 laws and 14 concepts and in the development of state programs, in particular, in the development of the "State Program for the implementation of digital broadcasting in Ukraine ".
The Administration of Communications and Radio Frequencies of Ukraine involves the specialists of the SE UNIIRT as scientific and technical experts for participation in the work of the Study Groups of the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) and their working and target groups on radiocommunication, broadcasting and television.
As a result of this activity, Ukraine has co-authored more than 350 Recommendations, Reports, Issues and other international documents on the processing, transmission and reproduction of audiovisual information. Ukraine has submitted over 295 contributions to international organizations.


In accordance with the scientific directions of the Institute's activities, two Technical Committees of standardization of Ukraine were established in the SE UNIIIRT:
TC 123 "Audiovisual Systems and Services", TC 155 "Radiotechnology". Within the framework of TC 123 and TC 155, more than 460 national standards of Ukraine (DSTU) have been developed and adopted.

Technical Committee of standardization (ТC 123)
(The Order of State Standard of Ukraine № 306 of May 8, 1998)

ТC 123 was created with the purpose of advancing national and international standardization activities organization in the branch of Audiovisual systems and services (АVSS).
The main activity directions of ТC 123 deal with activities on national and international standardization in the field of audiovisual systems and services. In particular, it is necessary to mention:

  • The development of national normative documents, harmonized with international standards and normative documents;
  • Creation of normative base, which helps to promote spreading of audiovisual space of Ukraine and integration of national communications and broadcasting into global and European informational infrastructure.


ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 24 Computer graphics, image processing and environmental data representation
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 Encoding of audio, video, multimedia and hypermedia information.
IEC/ТC 100 Audio, video, multimedia systems and equipment.
CENELEC/TC: CLC/TC 100X, CLC/SR 103, CLC/TC 108X, CLC/TC 209, CLC/TC 210.
By Ukrainian initiative the international normative documents specifying technical solutions in the field of audiovisual systems and services have been developed and are being developed to the utmost taking into account the Ukrainian interests

Technical Committee of standardization (ТC 155)
(Created by the Order of State Standard of Ukraine № 88 of March 22, 2006)

ТC 155 was created to perfect the process of national, interstate and international standardization development in the sphere of radiotechnologies.
The sphere of ТC 155 activities includes terrestrial mobile radio communication systems; fixed radio communication systems; satellite communication systems.
The main purposes of ТC 155 are:

  • Development of national normative documents;
  • Normative basis creation for implementation of advanced radio communication systems, modern technologies, QoS improvement in the field of radiotechnologies;
  • National normative basis creation for radio communication technologies, harmonized with regional, international standards and recommendations.

ТC 155 embraces the following objects of standardization:

  • Radio relay systems; radio technologies for primary network and public switched core networks; radio access systems; amateur radio communication systems;
  • Land mobile communication systems; maritime mobile communication systems; aerial mobile communication systems; multimedia applications for mobile communications;
  • Satellite channels; fixed satellite communication systems; satellite broadcasting systems; satellite mobile communication systems; satellite radio communications equipment; planning in satellite radio communications systems;
  • management of spectrum usage in the part of radio technologies;
  • antennas, other components and auxiliary devices.

The certification body for products and quality management systems UNIIRT has been accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU) (registered in the register on February 1, 2018 the accreditation certificates of the CB UNIIRT are valid until January 31, 2023).

By the Decision of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine dated March 14, 2018, the SE UNIIRT is appointed by the conformity assessment body to carry out the assessment of compliance with the requirements:

  • Technical regulations of radio equipment, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated May 24, 2017 №355,
  • Technical regulations on electromagnetic compatibility of equipment, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 16.12.2015 №1077.

For certification and certification testing of telecommunication equipment in the SE UNIIRT are accredited:

  • from 1995 UNIIRT Radio and TV Test Centre (UNIIRT R&T TC);
  • from 2002 UNIIRT Certification body (UNIIRT CB);
  • from 2007 Quality Management Systems Certification Body.

UNIIRT CB makes certification of the following equipment:
1 Telecommunication systems equipment

1.1 Telephone networks switching equipment, including:
  • analogue and digital exchanges with ISDN functions (urban, inter-urban, international, combined, rural, branch, office etc.);
  • switching centres of mobile communication systems and fixed radio access systems;
  • subscriber access equipment;
  • jumper equipment;
  • operating rooms equipment;
  • communication lines multiplexers;
  • information inquiry systems;
  • subscriber and inter-exchange signalization systems for telephone network of Ukraine;
  • PCM-encoding equipment, CELP and EVRC encoding equipment.
1.2 Intermediate and additional equipment for telephone exchanges, including:
  • technical maintenance and control systems for telecommunications networks;
  • call-processing centres;
  • systems of protection against unauthorized hook-up and access to subscribers lines, subscriber multiplexers;
  • emergency dispatching  and loud communication equipment.
1.3 Subscriber equipment, including:
  • telephone sets of different classes, ISDN terminals, automatic dial equipment;
  • pay-phones, systems of pay-phones automatic diagnostics in the points of their interaction with PSTN of Ukraine;
  • subscriber hubs;
  • ІР-phones, ІР-adaptors;
  • fax communication equipment;
  • digital subscriber lines equipment.
1.4 Data transmission systems equipment, including:
  • multi-channel digital equipment;
  • channels compression equipment;
  • connection devices for digital transmission equipment;
  • fibre-optical telecommunication lines equipment;
  • equipment of communication via power transmission lines.
1.5 Nodes and details of telecommunication systems, including:
  • secondary power-supply sources;
  • backup power supply systems;
  • plastic telephone cards and RFID cards.

2 Radiocommunication equipment

2.1 Radio-relay transmission systems and parts.
2.2 Radiostations.
2.3 Cellular communication systems.
2.4 Trunking systems.
2.5 Satellite systems.
2.6 Subscriber radio access systems and equipment.
2.7 Wire-line telephone sets connected with wireless handset terminals.

3 Transmission and retransmission equipment

3.1 Systems and features of on-air radio broadcasting.
3.2 Systems and features of wire-line radio broadcasting.
3.3 Systems and features of TV broadcasting.

4 Antennas
5 Cable-line works and equipment of Telecommunication systems lines routes

5.1 Fibre-optical cables.
5.2 Optical fibres.
5.3 Telecommunication cables (coaxial, RF etc.).
5.4 Cable fittings (armature).
5.5 Components of fibre-optical transmission systems.
5.6 Line routes equipment.
5.7 Jumper and distribution equipment.

6 Electrical reactors and static electrical transformers
7 Electrical accumulators and accumulative batteries
8 Computers and other information processing equipment, which are parts of telecommunication systems

The accreditation domain of R&TV TC UNIIRT:
1 General purposes radio stations

1.1 Transmitting-receiving radio stations (including ones with angle modulation, retransmitters, antenna amplifiers), with digital and wideband signals modulation, including cellular radio terminals and telephones of GSM, CDMA2000 (1x, EVDO rev. O, A), 3G, 4G standards etc.
1.2 Satellite communication systems equipment.
1.3 Analogue and digital broadcasting transmitters.
1.4 Analogue and digital TV transmitters.
1.5 Wire-line telephone sets, connected with wireless terminals (radio-extension), including that of DECT standard, wireless microphones, radio-modems.
1.6 WiFi, WiMax and LTE equipment.

2 Radio-relay stations and its equipment

2.1 RF transmitting-receiving equipment.
2.2 General purpose data transmission equipment.
2.3 Coupling devices for radio and wire-line data transmission equipment

3 TVtransmitting-receiving equipment, including satellite systems equipment
4 Cable TV equipment and devices
5 Wire-line communication features, intermediate and end radio communication equipment
6 Antennas
7 Computers

7.1 Personal computers, workstations, servers.
7.2 Video features for PC.
7.3 Printers.

8 Household radio electronic devices
9 Electronic household equipment
10 Power supply techniques and equipment for telecommunication devices

10.1 Electrical reactors and static electrical transformers.
10.2 Power supply devices: rectifiers, converters, charging devices, invertors and no-break power supply aggregates.

The inventive activity, рarticipation in international conferences, exhibitions and seminars.

Specialists of the SE UNIIRT pay attention to the inventive activity. Only in recent years the Institute received 5 Declarative Patents for utility model and 8 certificates on registration of copyright for work (computer programs).

Since 1994 specialists of the UNIIRT have participated in more than 200 international conferences, exhibitions, symposiums, seminars, in which more than 260 reports were presented to the scientific and technical community devoted to solving the most pressing challenges of perspective directions of development of the newest wireless communication systems, implementation digital broadcasting systems, increase of efficiency of use of radio frequency resource and tariff formation, construction of the National satellite communication system. Participants of these events received dozens of diplomas, certificates and other awards.

In these same directions specialists of the SE UNIIRT published more than 500 scientific articles and published 19 monographs.